Covered, remixed, and sampled by hundreds of artists and fans alike, Creep by Radiohead is an epic 90s anthem of nihilism and self-loathing. Dayna McLeod performs this version with a queer embrace in a single take in a borrowed kitchen while Jackie Gallant molds, morphs, manipulates, and creates the corresponding soundtrack.

Additional vocal tracks were recorded after the initial kitchen video shoot and drumbeats and synthesizers were also added. Stretched, compressed, sped-up, and slowed down, post-production image and audio manipulation emphasize a play with time. The soundtrack blends the intimate with the epic, manipulating McLeod’s voice and blurring the line between source sound and overdubbed sound. The source sound of McLeod singing along to Radiohead’s Creep slowly swells to an epic dance track with full instrumentation and effected vocals. As the instrumentation intensifies, the context of the performance emphasizes a shift from the personal to the public in which the kitchen audibly becomes a huge stadium or a packed nightclub. Modulation, pitch, tone, and sync are constantly manipulated, distorted, and stretched to create this new sound reality that underscores its disruption and transformation.

Dayna McLeod and Jackie Gallant, 2014
3:56 minutes, colour